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Biggar Leisure

 Biggar Leisure on Main Street in Biggar is the place to buy appliances and electronics. Phones, fridges, TV's computers, Keurig, stoves, washers, dryers . . . at Big Box Store prices, and small town customer service! Need help hooking up satellite, SaskTel, call Biggar Leisure for all the help you will need!

AGI Envirotank



  Bringing Biggar to the World, AGI Envirotank continues to support the Biggar Museum & Gallery! They have committed to three years of supporting the museum! This company is truly interested in supporting the community of Biggar.
Hammond Realty
 Hammond Realty continues to supporting and sponsoring the Biggar Museum & Gallery. Partnering now with the Biggar Museum for the next three years!

Biggar & District Credit Union

Biggar & District Credit Union

The Biggar & District Credit Union has been with us from the beginning! Their support helps make us who we are: The Biggar Museum & Gallery! It is the Credit Union Gallery in which we host a number of activities and exhibits throughout the year. The Credit Union Gallery sees many exhibits by Saskatchewan and Canadian Artists, makes a wonderful meeting place for local groups and organizations, and often holds extensions of the Biggar Museum's artifact collections.

Through their partnership with the Biggar Museum, the Biggar & District Credit Union is evidence of their mission statement at work! With us, they are "working together to create prosperity for [their] members and community." Cultural and historical prosperity, that is!

Museum Association of Saskatchewan

Museum Association of Saskatchewan

Museums Association of Saskatchewan is a non-profit, collective organization of over 200 member museums and a total membership of over 400 (including individuals and associates). The Association is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors representative of the museum community. The board develops policy and staff are responsible to the membership for programs and services that contribute to the advancement of museums.

We certainly couldn't do it without the support of MAS. Their expert staff provide the backbone of all Saskatchewan museums!





 SaskCulture Inc. is a community-based, volunteer-driven organization, which works with its membership and other community partners to build a culturally vibrant province, where all citizens celebrate, value and participate in a rich, cultural life.

The Biggar Museum & Gallery is proud to be a partner of SaskCulture! They provide the opportunity for community and culture grants that help us to host many of our events throughout the year, the most notable of which is Culture Days! SaskCulture works hard to build interest and excitement around Saskatchewan's rich and diverse cultural landscape. Their efforts promote understanding and respect of all our many cultural facets, an effort which the Biggar Museum & Gallery commends heartily!

Saskatchewan Lotteries

Saskatchewan Lotteries

Saskatchewan Lotteries is a partner of SaskCulture and of the Biggar Museum & Gallery. Through SaskCulture, the Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grants Program helps to fund many of our events and fundraisers. Their support assists in the development of sport, culture and recreation programs by providing funds to non-profit community organizations operated by volunteers. The Biggar Museum & Gallery is very grateful for the support of this organization!

Town of Biggar

The Town of Biggar, SK

 We are so lucky to belong to such an enthusiastic and historically conscious community! Mayor Sadler and the Town of Biggar are some of our staunchest supporters. Not only has the Town donated some important artifacts to the museum, they also come out to support our events, and help to drive tourism in the area. Working in partnership with the town, the Biggar Museum & Gallery is pleased to act as the Tourism Centre for the Town of Biggar. 

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